MEMO seeks Partner for Unique Events

by Dec 28, 2014

MEMO seeks Partner for Unique Events

MEMO is seeking partners for unique events related to the food festival organised in 2008 and the infrastructure paper and smart city workshop. Both events will be unique in that they have not been organised before.

I have organised ground-breaking events and prepared reports of events that have compared very favourably with other similar events and reports. I have a combination of skills, which together with my track record has allowed me to develop a unique formula. My reports have been widely published and used as reference documents and I have organised events covering a variety of sectors. Our combination of skills, variety of sectors and track record is unrivalled in the two markets that we have operated in, Bournemouth and Oxford.

Ground-breaking Track Record – My track record includes the first Winton carnival, first food and music festival in the UK and first smart city workshop in Oxford. The Winton carnival, for which I won an award from UnLtd as a social entrepreneur, has developed into a major on-going event in Bournemouth. The smart city workshop and our paper on the concept have been published and cited by a leading Oxfordshire business organisation and major technology websites and has been the driver of debate and policy in at least one local authority. Two of my reports of conferences have been used as reference documents in negotiations between the European Union (EU) and African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries. One of these reports, Development Policy, available in my blog, was an Oxford University conference.

Favourable Comparison with Similar Events – The carnival and festival in Bournemouth I organised had similar number of participants and audience and far more activities compared to long established events; one of those events had been running for over half a century. My events cost a fraction, as little as ten percent, of similar events and had much less management staff. Since our smart city workshop in August 2013 there have been a number of events in Oxford on the concept but none have received the coverage by local and national media; our workshop and background paper have been covered by Oxfordshire Business First, the sponsor and two top technology websites, Technology UK and Catapult.

Spend per Event Audience (SEA) – Events organised have compared very favourably to similar events because of my combination of skills, namely, production (including risk assessment), marketing, fundraising and business development, report writing and project and media management. I have developed the SEA formula which maximises participation and audience while minimising the cost of the event. I developed this hypothesis, making use of my economics training, when I conducted a study of a major event and discovered that events I had organised had similar or larger number of activities, participants and audience but at a fraction (10%) of the cost of that long established event.

Reports – I have been widely published in Africa, Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Some of these reports, as noted above, have been used as reference documents, influencing debate and policy.

Variety of Sectors – I have worked on or managed carnivals, festivals, workshops and conferences. I have worked on events in the agriculture and food, culture and technology sectors.