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Nigerian Presidential Election 2023

The way forward – Nigerian presidential election 2023 March 2023 – J Boima Rogers The Nigerian election this year will determine the way forward at a critical juncture in the path of this sleeping giant of Africa, hopefully on the road to realising its full...

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America is no longer the shining city on the hill

The Trump presidency has removed America from its position as the shining city on the hill with the insurrection on 6th January 2021as a key factor in this change in status, when a marauding mob invaded the capitol to stop congress confirming Joe Biden as president....

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2020 – Systems failure in the global village

As 2020 comes to a close the remarkable point is how things have unravelled in our interconnected village.  Centre stage is of course Covid19 which is buffeting all corners but other factors have also hit us. Covid19 has cast a shadow on everything we do all over the...

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Shining Stars in Africa, with caveats

As we come to the close of the second decade in the twenty first century I would like to highlight the three stars that embody the hopes and challenges of the continent.  They represent in my very subjective interpretation, the way forward for the continent because...

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Ironies, dysfunction and distressing trends

2020 is a watershed in many ways, Covid19, mayhem on a global scale in health, economies, widespread protests and geo-political shifts.  These disturbing trends play out within a background of a plethora of ironies verging on the perverse. Dysfunctions in major powers...

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Democracy at crossroads in the heartlands

31st January 2020 was a momentous day on both sides of the pond (Atlantic Ocean).  Brexit happened and the United States (US) Senate, controlled by Trump’s Republican Party, voted that no witnesses or additional documents were needed for President Trumps his trial by...

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