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The Challenge of Human Development in Africa

The Challenge of Human Development in Africa – Presentation by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo of Nigeria In his presentation to a packed audience at the event organised by the African Studies Centre of Oxford University School of Global and Area Studies, Professor...

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Britain at Sea – Brexit

Presentation by Lord Malloch-Brown at Blavatnik, University of Oxford In a presentation by Lord Malloch-Brown last week in which he outlined how the UK can salvage its foreign policy, he expressed anger at Britain’s decision to leave the EU, highlighting two...

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Trump’s Perverse America

The election of Trump as president demonstrates the perverse attitude of a significant segment of the American electorate and his policies have validated this point. The definition of perverse is irrational, illogical, contradictory and senseless, and indicates...

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Was Brexit Inevitable?

The Brexit vote was a shock but in many ways it was inevitable. At the end of the Second World War when European leaders decided to form a union to bind the continent together, ironically, the UK, the country that had played the leading role in bringing down the Nazis...

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Has Trump Lost the Plot?

President Trump appears to have lost the plot after less than a year into the job which Obama and many observers, including members in his own party had predicted. This was clearly evident on Tuesday, 15th August at a press conference which was supposed to be on...

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