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Britain at Sea – Brexit

Presentation by Lord Malloch-Brown at Blavatnik, University of Oxford In a presentation by Lord Malloch-Brown last week in which he outlined how the UK can salvage its foreign policy, he expressed anger at Britain’s decision to leave the EU, highlighting two...

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Trump’s Perverse America

The election of Trump as president demonstrates the perverse attitude of a significant segment of the American electorate and his policies have validated this point. The definition of perverse is irrational, illogical, contradictory and senseless, and indicates...

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Was Brexit Inevitable?

The Brexit vote was a shock but in many ways it was inevitable. At the end of the Second World War when European leaders decided to form a union to bind the continent together, ironically, the UK, the country that had played the leading role in bringing down the Nazis...

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Has Trump Lost the Plot?

President Trump appears to have lost the plot after less than a year into the job which Obama and many observers, including members in his own party had predicted. This was clearly evident on Tuesday, 15th August at a press conference which was supposed to be on...

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Should Rwanda be the template for project Africa?

The rise of Rwanda from its nadir in 1994 when 800,000 people were killed in genocide against the minority Tutsi has been phenomenal. Economic and social indicators have out-performed other countries in Africa and around the world. How did Rwanda achieve this feat in...

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Take America and the world down again

Donald Trump in the White House, the most powerful position in the world is an alarming prospect. His proposals and actions since his election are unprecedented and frightening. Never before have we seen a president-elect trying to assume power even before taking the...

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Nationalism Trumps Liberalism and Globalisation

The victory of Donald Trump was like an earthquake which signalled the electorate’s misgivings about liberalism and globalisation. Voters have instead embraced nationalism/ identity politics. Trump, with no political experience, credible plan, minimal political...

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